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Priority1’s Solutions to the Top Challenges in Shipping

Priority1’s Solutions to the Top Challenges in Shipping

August 6, 2020 By Caela Fugate

Priority1—a modern transportation company that prioritizes experience without cutting corners—offers multiple options for all your shipping needs. However, as these shipments travel hundreds of miles, there are bound to be challenges in getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’ Here is a list containing the three most common challenges you might face when booking and completing a shipment and the solutions that coincide. 

Challenge: Communication is Key 

The most common disruption in shipping, whether that be in LTL or TL, is a lack of proper communication at the forefront of booking. Michael Catton, Priority1’s LTL Operations Manager, says it best, “Most situations that cause a disruption or stall in shipping can be boiled down to poor communication…” Even a single wrong number in the Bill of Lading could potentially cause a major delay in the shipping process. However, despite this looming possibility, Priority1 ensures you are taken care of every step of the way.   

Solution: It is heavily advised to double-check all information given and received upon booking in order to better assure a seamless shipment. However, Priority1 repeats your shipment information back to you upon booking and is readily accessible over the phone and via email if this information changes.  

Challenge: Online Tracking 

After booking, many customers desire status updates for their shipments or call in directly to know the location of their loads. According to Chris Olsen, Priority1’s Vice President of Truckload, “A major concern for everyone is where their shipments are currently at.” 

Solution: However, Priority1’s TMS allows the company to locate their shipment’s current whereabouts based on check-in status. Utilizing a stable TMS software is a comparable solution to locating an off-track shipment or simply nailing down its current whereabouts.  

Challenge: On-Time Delivery 

A recent influx of drivers missing their pickups or arriving late to a drop-off has plagued the country and transportation world. Though Priority1 holds mutually beneficial relationships with thousands of carriers nationwide, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many carriers are understaffed or below capacity. This causes their drivers to be overworked and sometimes even double-booked. 

Solution: At Priority1, we value your time and know it is indispensable when booking a shipment. If your shipment has been delayed or stalled, the fastest and simplest way of mending this challenge is to inquire for immediate rescheduling. However, if you are on a rigid deadline, Priority1 also offers Expedited shipping to meet the time restraints of any rapidly expanding company.  

You Are Our Priority 

Like the inner workings of a rig, Priority1 has several departmental cogs that work together to create an enjoyable shipping experience. Though the challenges listed above may pop up, we guarantee a corresponding solution will coincide to ensure our customers experience a successfully completed shipment. Contact one of our offices today to book with a company that makes you and your shipment their top priority.

Caela Fugate

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