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Three Qualities to Consider in an Agent Partnership

Three Qualities to Consider in an Agent Partnership

October 28, 2020 By Caela Fugate

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies thrive on numerous essential qualities to set them apart in the marketplace. At Priority1, we thrive on consistently bettering our business, software, and customer service to provide the best 3PL service available to all current and prospective Agents. Below you will find the top three qualities to look for in your partner 3PL company as an Independent Agent. 

1. A Strong Back-Office 

The backbone of a successful 3PL is its back-office. Qualities of a steadfast back-office could include, but are not limited to, strong communication skills, the ability to multi-task and understand specialized software like a complex TMS, a steady hand under heavy pressure, and deep-rooted professionalism in and out of the workplace.  

“Back office support is the financial powerhouse supporting an Independent Agent’s business. It is the reason that many utilize this service rather than operate under their own authority, bond, and insurances.  Choosing the right company to run your business with should not be taken lightly.” — Omar Alami, Senior Vice-President of Business Development 

2. Innovative Technology 

Paired with a steadfast back-office, a successful 3PL will have innovative technology available to its customers and Agents. This technology includes a web based, proprietary TMS that is price competitive, innovative, and user-friendly. Having access to strong technology saves users time and money. Priority1 offers its partners competitive and exclusive TMS technology that propels user experience into the future.  

3. Transparency 

Whether the 3PL you are considering is a smaller, family-run business or a larger corporation, it is vital to educate yourself on their reputation, including their level of transparency. Do their employees work well under pressure? How is their customer service? Are they honest about their history with freight and financials? The answers to these questions will lead you to the appropriate 3PL. At Priority1, we are looking for growth minded entrepreneurs who are interested in starting or growing a successful logistics company. We are honest about our intentions, visions for the future, and plans to get there. 

We understand the heavy decision of choosing a stable 3PL partner to work with in the ever-changing freight business, which is why we maintain each of these three qualities at the root of our company. With our premier freight Agent partnerships, we can offer you no hidden fees, no territory restrictions or restrictive covenants, and an unsaturated agent network. We take care of the billing, collections, and disputes, so you can focus on growing your business. With our premier back-office services and agency support, the right 3PL for you could be right around the corner. Give us a call today to get started! 

Caela Fugate

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