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Seven Tips for Landing a Career in Sales

Seven Tips for Landing a Career in Sales

April 1, 2021 By Caela Fugate

As spring is in full bloom for most of the country, this means job hunting and interview season will be in full swing in the coming months. With this in mind, Zach Kyle, Priority1’s Senior Vice President of Sales, has released seven noteworthy tips for anyone attempting to jumpstart a career in sales. Whether you are a recent college grad looking to secure your first post-graduation gig, or an experienced sales representative, each of these tips could aid you in obtaining a sales-related position within an established company.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date

An updated LinkedIn profile and solid resume are important starting points. Sales Recruiters and Hiring Managers are constantly combing through LinkedIn profiles for new talent, so make sure you take the extra time to create an impressive product that will attract these people to your profile. For extra benefit, you should also research “Sales Recruiters or Headhunters” in your local area as these companies will be able to bring new sales opportunities directly to you.

Build your interview skills

Interview at as many places as possible. Good interviewing skills come with practice and repetition, so give yourself more opportunities to flex that muscle. Through these interviews, you will also obtain exposure to numerous different types of sales roles and companies across many different industries. It is vital to educate yourself on what is out there so you can find exactly what is best for you.

Practice, practice, practice for every interview

Come fully prepared for your interviews. You do not need to know every detail about the company you are meeting with and the role they’re hiring for as they will explain that to you. With that said, make sure you have some basic information about the business and the person you are meeting with, preferably written down in a notepad that you bring to the interview. Presence is also important, so dress sharp, bring that energy, and smile, smile, smile! Show off those beautiful, pearly whites because we all want to see them. Also, be prepared to deliver a strong briefing about yourself and your background even if it is your first job post-graduation. Storytelling is vital in interviewing, and it is important that you can tell your story in an effective and chronological fashion. While at the same time, you should maintain a genuine tone and simultaneously sell yourself by being yourself. Finally, once the interview wraps up, always end each interaction by setting up a date and time for the next steps. Close every time!

Know the job description

Upon considering a position, make sure you fully understand and see exactly what you will be doing before making any decision. If you like what you hear after your first in-person interview, inquire if you can shadow current reps and your future manager for at least half a workday, if not a full workday. You always want to inspect what you expect before you sign an offer letter.

Love your leader

Pick a leader, not a company. Success in sales means different things to different people. To some, it means financial stability. To others, it might mean furthering their opportunities for leadership. And to you, it may mean less work and more personal time. Whatever your motivation is for choosing a career in sales, make sure you find a leader that understands exactly what you want and one that will do everything in their power to help you get to where you want to be.

Be confident in your decision

It’s always a good idea to discuss each opportunity you are considering with your loved ones. They are more often than not the single source of emotional support you have. So, their opinion matters, but at the end of the day, you know what is truly best for your career path. Though deciding a path for your career can be daunting, be confident in your direction and the rest will follow.

Weigh the pros and cons

Finally, take the time to do your research on a company, which also includes the reviews left by previous and current employees. However, in the same instance, take anonymous internet reviews with a grain of salt and do not let one or two passive comments influence your decision.  Use your best judgment to sift through the reviews and weigh the pros and cons of a company. Throwing it back to the previous tip, be confident in your decisions and managers. What did not work for some might work for others!

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Caela Fugate

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