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Priority1 Truckload Team: Continues to Grow Daily

Priority1 Truckload Team: Continues to Grow Daily

April 5, 2016 By Priority1

Over the past 15 months, the Priority1 Truckload team has gone through a complete overhaul. We have consolidated all of our truckload team under one roof here in the Little Rock Corporate office. It has been very exciting to see the growth of each member of the team over the past year. With the development of each team member, we have really been able to get traction. We are seeing growth each month in the amount of business we are able to do today vs. a year ago. We have added people to key positions and divided the team into two different roles. Matt Watson has been a fantastic addition and manages the customer liaison reps. His team is responsible for handling all incoming quotes and works directly with our sales reps and their customers to quote shipments, build shipments, and follow up on pickup & delivery info. Rob Haynie has been with Priority1 for four years and manages our Carrier Sales team. His team is in charge of booking, tracking & tracing, and collecting paperwork once the load is delivered.

Dividing the truckload team has allowed us to grow and enables each individual to become more successful at what they do.  This has given us the opportunity to focus on smaller portions of the entire operation.  In addition to the team becoming more efficient, we have put a large focus on technology and automation as we move forward. With the addition of using GPS tracking on truckload shipments via MacroPoint, we are able to aid the carrier sales team in tracking and cut down on the amount of call checks that need to be made.  This has provided more time to be spent on booking additional loads and securing more capacity. The next big addition we will be making to the truckload team will be going to an automated form of carrier onboarding. It is a significant investment from an integration standpoint, but the time saved on the back end will help to offset that initial cost.

In the past 15 months we have undergone a number of changes and now we are seeing some success stories with the truckload group. We are setting new records daily! It is an exciting time for the group and has been a lot of fun to see the growth that has taken place so quickly.  As 2016 continues to unfold, we anticipate seeing more growth heading in to the summer and fall months!

Jason Sheffler, Director of Truckload Operationsjason


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