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LTL Enterprise — Tailored to your needs

LTL Enterprise — Tailored to your needs

August 26, 2020 By Caela Fugate

Priority1 is a forward-thinking transportation solutions provider who will help you solve the complex riddle of optimizing your supply chain. Relying heavily on analytics and business intelligence, we analyze your data to produce a tailored solution aimed at driving optimum levels of service and savings. We have long-standing relationships with a lineup of carriers across all surface transportation modes, providing you the options to meet virtually any need. Not every customer or supply chain is the same, thus the reason we have over 100 less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier partnerships, including the entire list of top 25 providers in the industry.

Priority1 also knows how to maximize cost savings while maintaining your carrier efficiencies. Specifically, within the LTL and Enterprise Department, we will negotiate best-in-class pricing with the carriers that fit your specific needs. The key to locking in a competitive price is providing us complete data and information on your load, company, and freight history. We understand your possible caution in releasing your data to an outside organization, but we assure you our goal is to develop a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship, both short and long term. After compiling and fully analyzing this data, we will create a strategy on a national, regional, and micro-regional level that fits these needs to a ‘T’, and almost like magic, you now have a fully customized and optimized supply-chain solution.

Priority1 has built a foundation of supporting customers who had less than ideal experiences juggling a host of carriers while also searching for a solution that took the ‘heavy lifting’ out of their everyday list of tasks. They found large portions of their day encumbered by the daily nuances of freight management: damages, lost shipments, rating, tracking shipments, missed pick-ups, setting appointments, and the list goes on. However, after contacting Priority1, these companies experience a swift turnaround within their logistical operations, having the burden of dealing with these issues lifted from their shoulders. They now had a champion who could assume the lion’s share of these exhausting tasks and work to ensure a smooth freight transaction. 

A specific example of this involved a pharmaceutical manufacturer who partnered with Priority1 to deal with some of these everyday challenges in freight. Priority1 dove in and participated in a bid with three other providers based on a blanket cost to become the exclusive transportation provider knowing that we could provide the transparent relationship the company craved. The customer chose to partner with Priority1 not only because of our excellent reputation and referrals but also because of the detailed information we provided, which compared costs and demonstrated real savings. Furthermore, based on the customer’s data, Priority1 concluded that the customer was service sensitive, thus aligning them with carriers that fit this need while also providing cost savings. The ownership appreciated that Priority1 took the time to truly understand their needs versus pushing a one-size-fits-all-solution.

In a similar situation, another customer—specializing in home improvement material for bathrooms—needed to expand their vendor portfolio in order to meet the demands of a second shipping location. The company’s biggest customer asked the supplier for help with LTL freight costs. Priority1 was given a month’s worth of shipping data. We were able to extrapolate this data and formulate a customized solution that delivered 10-15% cost savings across the board to all shipping points while utilizing multiple carriers, leveraging and positioning them to their respective strengths. As an added bonus, Priority1 also provided complimentary auditing software which provided a substantial reduction in the amount of time and valuable resources the customer had to exhaust previously through their own internal accounting department.

Here at Priority1, it’s our goal to provide you a personalized experience and tailor a solution that fits your specific needs with an equal focus on both cost and service. So, in the words of Will Sison, Priority1’s Director of Pricing, “Let us do the heavy lifting and build a fully customizable solution that makes your job easier, while at the same time delivers value…all while acting as an extension of you.”  

To get started with Priority1’s expert LTL department, contact one of our offices today to begin the booking process! 

Caela Fugate

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