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Great Business = Great Staff

Great Business = Great Staff

May 8, 2015 By Priority1

When Priority1 redesigned the company website and updated our logo, we wanted to make sure we had a way to reach our customers and the industry. One way in which we decided we could do that was through a company blog. The intent was that we could take different business leaders at Priority1, give them a topic, and have them provide some industry insight that may be helpful to a customer, vendor, or anyone out there looking for information on the topic. As we worked on defining the topics, we decided that we would dedicate this week’s post to our staff as well as provide some insight as to how Priority1 operates from a cultural perspective.

Priority1 has undergone major transitions over the past 6 years. Our staff has quadrupled, our facilities are under constant change and expansion, and our team continues to step up to every big challenge thrown their way. Our focus on winning and hitting our targets does not compromise our ethical approach to business. That said, while Priority1 has put a lot of work in to our long term goals, we have enjoyed a month of some very public acknowledgement regarding some of the things that the team has been working on for years.

In April, Priority1 was awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. The Torch Award was designed to recognize businesses that go out of their way to promote ethical business practices with customers, vendors, and employees. Priorty1 was chosen because of our commitment to winning the right way. The evaluation process included a look at our vendor relationships, customer relationships, financial processes, HR processes, benefit packages, and a tough look at our core leadership values. After all was said and done, Priorty1 excelled in these categories and was awarded the BBB Torch Award for 2015 at the Governor’s Mansion.

Priority1 has had a tremendous amount of success over the past few years. A large part of that success comes from having an outstanding staff, but also from promoting a competitive and fun environment. We couldn’t have grown 600% in 5 years without an incredible team and fostering an environment for the team’s success. I could not be prouder of what we have accomplished as a team and I am even more excited to see how the next 10 years plays out.

Dan Berardi, General Manager and COO


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