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Direct Sales Expansion

Direct Sales Expansion

June 24, 2015 By Priority1

Since coming on board to Priority1 in November 2012, there has been a strong commitment to grow the direct sales channel with front line, outside sales representatives.  We have added new hires at a rapid pace since February 2013 and are proud to say we now have sales representatives strategically located in markets such as: Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and of course Little Rock, AR home to our corporate headquarters.

With a heavy focus placed on adding sales representatives to the Midwest Region in early 2015, Priority1 was pleased to promote Mark Samojedny from his Territory Manager position in Chicago into the role of Regional Sales Manager back in January.  Thanks to Mark’s efforts Priority1 will have additional new hires coming on board from the Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio markets.

The new hire initiative has now moved to the East Coast where we are in the process of interviewing Regional Sales Managers to take on the task of building sales teams in several markets along the east coast including, but not limited to:  Philadelphia, PA; Newark, NJ and Richmond, VA.  We are very excited for the opportunity to grow our presence along the Eastern Seaboard and will be announcing a new hire in the coming weeks.

The last piece of the “direct sales expansion puzzle” will see Priority1 beginning to recruit another Regional Sales Manager for the Pacific Northwest.  That process should begin in early July 2015 and we could not be more excited to expand our footprint in that part of the country.

John Sarlo, Director of Sales




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