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Core Leadership Values

Priority1 created the below Core Leadership values to ensure each and every employee knew the expectations that we set for ourselves each and every day.  We want to ensure we create a culture of servant leaders that strive to get better each day.  These values provide a framework for success and defines our legacy as a company.

Personal Courage – Willing to make difficult decisions when they are right but sometimes not the easiest.

Respect – Embracing the differences in culture, lifestyles and personalities.  Understanding and thriving upon the fact that each of us have different skill sets that are molded together to make us a special company.

Integrity – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Opportunity – We accept and understand we are not perfect and that there are opportunities for each of us to improve.  How we did it before is not always the best way to do it moving forward.  Understanding that to be truly great you have to look inward regularly.

Results – Delivering above and beyond our forecast.

Inspiration – Pushing your teams to do more than they thought they ever could.  Define a clear path of where we want to go, while providing the tools and passion to get there.

Trust – We understand we are forming partnerships with our employees, customers and vendors.  Trust is the foundation for these partnerships.

Yield – Balancing our human capital with financial performance in a cumulative effort to produce the best outcome.