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We are looking for growth minded entrepreneurs who are interested in starting or growing a successful logistics company! You will earn competitive, uncapped commissions that are paid twice a month. Using our proven business model, you will be able to reach your goals and find success in the logistics industry. This is your chance to own your own logistics company, or make the company you currently own even better. We are going to take care of the billing, collections, disputes, so you can focus on finding the customers and moving their freight. You just have to be focused on finding customers and providing a service experience that they will share with others.

What It Takes to Become a Priority1 Freight Agent

What Sets Us Apart from Other 3PL’s

The necessity of having a strong back office in the transportation industry can be the difference between the success and failure of an Agency. From start to finish, the companies’ financial stability can be one of the strongest determining factors. This entails following a shipment through when it is tendered from the customer all the way through collecting and applying payments quickly and efficiently. If any of the processes are not in sync, it can cause a disruption in business hurting the individual business owner utilizing those services. It is for this reason that the back office of a company plays such a strong role in the life of an Agent. Back office support is the financial power house supporting an independent Agent’s business. It is the reason that many utilize this service rather than operate under their own authority, bond, and insurances. The corporate team at Priority1 has the rate stability and financial backing from our parent company, Priority Wire & Cable, to offer you some of the best rates, competitive commission splits, and unrivaled and readily available back office support.

What We Can Offer You:


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+-Why would I want to leave my current company or begin working with you?

We’re quick! We’re competitive. Be it response times, customer set up, and anything else you need. You’ll see some of the best commission splits with Priority1, and we’re leveraged by Priority Wire & Cable which allows us to pay carriers quickly and strengthen our relationships with them. This lets us give you some of the best LTL and TL rates available.


+-How quickly can I start earning money?

As quickly as you’d like. We pay our agents bi-monthly based on the invoice date. Depending on your customer follow, you can start getting checks in as little as two weeks.


+-Who at Priority1 will support me?

We have two main support groups: your Key Account Rep who will handle your variances, disputes, and balance dues, and your Financial Services Analyst who will contact your customers for payment.


+-What does Agent Development look like?

We’re here to help you grow your business: taking care of back office tasks, how to appeal to your market, discuss your business plans, growth projections, etc.

+-What makes your software better?

We work with MercuryGate to give you one of the strongest Transportation Management Systems in the market.


+-What are the top features of MercuryGate?

The strongest point of the system would be the back office reporting; it’s customizable to your needs. It’s also easy to get a rate quote, book shipments, and view transit times.

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Here's What Our Agents Say

"Our business has more than Tripled since we signed on with Priority1, Inc. We now have the TIME and ABILITY to continually sell our great rate base as well as pay close attention to our current shippers"

Mike, Sales Agent

"Priority1 has proved to be a fantastic resource for our company and our customers. Priority1 has very competitive LTL and truckload pricing, and they're never too busy to take our phone call when we have a question or problem. That's the kind of relationship we were looking for and that's what we get from the folks at Priority1's"

Mike B., Sales Agent

"As an agent, you won't find better support in the business. From the bottom to the top, everyone goes overboard to make sure you receive all of the support you need. Having been with other companies that leave you hanging, the attitude at Priority1 is a refreshing breath of fresh air."

Billy, Sales Agent

"Very impressive TMS System!"

Richard, Sales Agent

"A great group of people to work with! Always willing to help out."

Rick, Sales Agent