Employee of the Quarter: Wesley Bland

With the third quarter of 2021 successfully closed, Priority1 is thrilled to announce our next Employee of the Quarter: Wesley Bland. Over a year prior, Wes joined Priority1 as a Data Engineer and has hit the ground running ever since. Before entering the technology field, his background was rooted in 15-years of automotive painting. However, Wes currently spearheads numerous responsibilities as an active member of our development team, including vast reporting and maintaining the successful flow of Priority1’s databases.  

Wes currently resides in Sherwood, Arkansas, with his spouse, Amanda, and their two children, Onalee (6) and Jex (4), who he calls his greatest motivation. He is driven by ultimate customer satisfaction, claiming his direct customers are “the other employees of Priority1, along with our customers’ employees.” He takes great pride in how his reporting makes the lives and careers of his peers more seamless and less strenuous while simultaneously impressing Priority1’s current customers.

A monumental milestone for Wes occurred during the completion of the shipped statistics table displayed on the Cabo TMS Dashboard. During the creation process, there was a hesitancy among the sales staff to trust the data provided in the completed dashboard because the numbers deviated from the standard. However, after Priority1’s leadership confirmed the table’s stellar and dependable accuracy, Wes’ hard work came to fruition. 

Though Wes’ highest motivation is his family, he takes inspiration from his mother, who he calls “the glue that held our family together.” A woman of immeasurable value and grit even as she supported her late husband through an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Before his passing, Wes’ father passed down a message to his son, which still impacts him. “The key to living a fulfilling life is always to put [your] family first and to love what [you] do for a living.” 

Outside of the office, Wes has a passion for sports, fantasy football, and follows his favorite sporting teams religiously, including the Arkansas Razorbacks and Chicago Bears. When he’s not cheering on the Hogs, Wes and his wife are full-time little league parents. They often shuttle their two children to and from various activities and events so they too can find their passions. 

Passing on his own piece of advice to new and current Priority1 employees, Wes encourages them to enjoy the ride and remember your hard work will consistently be rewarded. When asked for his favorite quality about Priority1, Wes emphasized his team’s infectious enthusiasm. “I love the positivity and the contagious energy. Everyone I interact with daily is always friendly and extremely positive. I’ve never worked somewhere with so much positivity. I also love being a charter member of Phillionaire and the Data Dawgz.” 

According to Phillip Scholtes, Vice President of Technology, “Wes has proven to be one of the most impactful members of the technology team. He has provided Priority1 with countless reporting improvements, efficiencies, and optimizations to both our TMS and the organization as a whole. In a world where data is king, I’m confident that Wes will continue to position Priority1 as a leader in the digital freight era.” 

Congratulations from all of us at Priority1 for this incredible accomplishment, Wes. Your achievements within our development team have been immeasurable, and we’re thrilled to shine a light on your diligent and impressive work. 

Tune in next quarter to reveal who Priority1 will name our final Employee of the Quarter for 2021! 

By: Caela Fugate