Top Tier Services for LTL Shipping

At Priority1, we are dedicated to making our customers’ experience our top priority. By providing access to cutting-edge technology, dedicated back-office support, and on-the-spot customer service, Priority1 sets itself apart in the 3PL world. Specifically, in our Key Account Rep (KAR) and Pricing Departments, we adjust our processes to provide supreme services at an unparalleled pace.

“Our team is dedicated to making sure our customers receive the best freight experience possible. The Key Account Rep team does not settle on just being ‘good’ at their jobs; they strive to be freight superstars. Everyone on the team takes the time to build customer relationships and listen to the customers’ needs. When we can understand the customer’s business, we can provide a tailored approach to the freight audit process.” — Deirdre Guice, Vendor Relations Manager.

Priority1’s KAR team coordinates the freight bill and audit process, intending only to bill our LTL customers when we are confident of an accurate invoice. Though we are aware this vetting process is far from the norm, it ensures that our customers receive an accurate and completed invoice for their records. It is not uncommon, specifically in LTL, for a shipper to receive an invoice and utilize it to invoice their customers only to receive another invoice later because an additional service was performed while the shipment was in transit. When this happens, it creates a cumbersome and complicated situation for the shipper as they struggle to go back and secure additional funds from their customer successfully. Ultimately, they absorb the extra cost, but because we attempt to provide an accurate invoice at the forefront, Priority1 minimizes this troublesome situation.

“In the over-arching environment we are in, the access to quality carriers with competitive rates is what sets the top 3PLs from the pack. The work we’ve done to date to establish and maintain these relationships is the foundation of our business, and without these relationships, our agent network and sales teams wouldn’t have anything to sell.” — Grant Crawford, Chief Financial Officer.

In our Pricing Department, Priority1 also ensures we maintain our relationships to provide our customers with competitive pricing in an ever-changing freight market. According to Will Sison, Priority1’s Director of Pricing, “[Priority1’s] carrier partners are always looking for ways to serve our customers better. Through cutting-edge technology, P1 is making strides with the latest pricing methods available.” Those methods also include dynamic, dimensional, industry-specific, and customer-specific pricing. Regardless, Priority1 strives to go above and beyond for its customers, starting with the right price.

“While the current pricing environment is extremely fluid and unprecedented, Priority1’s pricing team works to balance our customer needs with our carrier partner needs…and the pricing we have available is a collaborative effort to service those needs.” — Will Sison, Director of Pricing.

If you are interested in booking with Priority1, please reach out today to partner with a 3PL that guarantees a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

By: Caela Fugate