Priority1 — Moving Forward

Priority1, a modern transportation company that prioritizes experience without cutting corners, takes great pride in every one of its motivating offices nationwide, including its corporate headquarters located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Previously, these corporate locations were spread out over three separate offices in varying parts of Little Rock. However, in an exciting effort to merge our headquarters closer together and further our overall productivity, Priority1 has completed a corporate-wide relocation.

“We are extremely excited about upgrading to our new facility. We believe the facility we have built is a showpiece all of our employees can be proud of and thoroughly enjoy. We are confident that our office culture will propel Priority1 as a nationally recognized leader in the 3PL space and stake our name as the leading employer in Central Arkansas.”  — Chris Olsen, Vice President of Truckload.

As of May of 2021, Priority1 now holds two corporate locations in the hub of Downtown Little Rock, separated by a single crosswalk. In this incredible expansion, Priority1 has progressed from mere humble beginnings to occupying the entire sixth floor of the Lyon building—an area of over 22,000 square feet.

“Bringing Priority1’s offices together in Downtown Little Rock creates productivity and cultural synergies that will propel our future growth. As we look at our previous track record of success, future growth opportunities, and required cadence of personal interaction in a post covid work environment, I am excited to have the team together as we march towards increased expectations.” — Daniel Berardi, Chief Executive Officer

Projected to grow by over 90% in 2021, Priority1 is taking massive strides in providing its staff with the resources, technology, and office culture necessary to further its journey as an influential infrastructure in the transportation industry.

By: Caela Fugate