Culture at Priority1

Priority1 is a modern transportation company that prioritizes experience without cutting corners. We intertwine this policy throughout our company, including how we treat our employees. Priority1 strives to go beyond simply offering jobs. We foster careers by creating a stable and ever-growing working environment. We hire talented individuals who will provide the best support and quickly adapt to the rapidly changing world of logistics. These talented men and women drive our business, and we are committed to their success. With that in mind, we strive to provide them with the best benefits, profit-sharing opportunities, and a family work environment.

Unmatched Benefits 

At Priority1, we have an array of lucrative benefits offered to all our full-time employees. These benefits can range from dental insurance to a 401(k)-retirement account and more. The health and safety of our hard-working employees rank above all in our minds. Because of this, we also provide medical insurance with a premium paid at 100% for your family. This benefit is the most appreciated and indispensable, especially for Priority1 employee Hunter Alford.

“My wife and I recently had a beautiful baby girl.  We were in the hospital with my wife for seven days before her birth, and after my daughter made her appearance seven weeks early, she had to spend 24 days in the NICU receiving care as a preemie. You can only imagine how expensive the medical bills were racking up during that time.  Our insurance providers were extremely helpful, being just a phone call away and consistently sending us letters in the mail explaining what was going on with the billing. We are still in the process, but with Priority1’s benefits, they have covered close to 100% of the medical bills that we have gotten so far, which is phenomenal. It is great to know that you work for a company where the owners care about their employees and are willing to take money out of their earnings to provide health care for their employees.” — Hunter Alford, Inside Sales Representative

Below is a complete list of our offered benefits for P1 employees. 

  • Competitive pay 
  • Medical insurance (with a premium paid at 100%) 
  • Vision insurance 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Prescription medical drug program 
  • Life insurance 
  • Short & long term disability  
  • Profit-sharing plan
  • 401(k) plan 
  • Paid holidays & vacation leave 


Historically, Priority1 has also offered a 15% annual profit-sharing opportunity to every employee. Our unique profit-sharing opportunities allow each employee a transparent look into our company and promote productivity and loyalty amongst each department. 

According to a Human Interest blog post, “In a profit-sharing plan, an employee receives a percentage of a company’s profits, either in cash or company stock, based on the company’s quarterly or annual earnings…Profit-sharing is a great way for owners to share business profits with the rest of the company and compensate them in a tax-friendly way — both employers and employees benefit from this approach.” 

We have found each employee benefits from this by incorporating a small piece of their hard work into the growth of the business, thus feeling more connected and included in the company’s inner workings.

Family Atmosphere 

Priority1 has a work culture unmatched by other industry-leading companies outside of our high-quality benefits and profit-sharing plans. We have an open-door policy that allows every employee to come to their superiors for assistance and advice. Our CEO, Daniel Berardi, or our VP of Truckload, Chris Olsen, welcomes each employee into our corporate office with a building tour and personally introduces our new hires to the current staff. In our minds, each position is valued and provided with the resources necessary for success.

So, if you are considering a position at any of our nationwide locations, please apply today to get started! 

By: Caela Fugate