LTL: A Powerful Partnership

Less than truckload (LTL)—some may say it’s just a service in the transportation world, while some may have no clue what it even means. To us at Priority1, it means everything. It distinguishes where it all began.

With our strong partnerships of over 70 LTL carriers nationwide, we have been able to create our top of the line LTL Division, including the Enterprise Program that focuses on Customer Specific Pricing (CSP). This program gives us the ability to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers in the logistics industry. “Work the work.” – Maria Damaskina. That is what she does. As Priority1’s Strategic Pricing Manager, she and her team work exceptionally hard to get that pricing.

As Priority1 has grown. We have been able to tack on many special projects such as roll-outs and time-sensitive projects. We also offer instant access to shipment statuses and have integrated almost all our LTL carriers to provide live data interchange—showing when freight has been picked up, is in transit, and when it has been delivered.

“The very definition of a partnership is working together to achieve a goal. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and we are proud to have partners of like mind.” – Will Sison. As the bread and butter of Priority1, our LTL partners are truly important to what we do and what we stand for; we cannot stress that enough. Our partners make us go ‘round and without them, we would not be who we are today.

By: Alexis Neuendorff, Business Developement