Priority1 to Hire 200 positions Nationwide in 2020

Little Rock, AR—Priority1, an industry-leading third-party logistics company, founded in the heart of Little Rock, has recently rolled out a game plan to add over 200 jobs across the United States, 100 alone in its founding city in 2020. Positions will include accounting & finance, customer service & support rolls, operations opportunities, as well as a large amount of sales positions. Priority1 will also be leasing a third location in downtown Little Rock to support the exponential growth of their corporate teams. Some of the great things Priority1 offers its employees are 100% paid family medical benefits, a substantial profit-sharing plan, as well as opportunities for upward mobility.

“Priority1 is fortunate to be in the midst of a strong growth cycle. We have had exceptional success tapping into the Little Rock talent pool and we plan to continue to do so. We offer first in class benefits that include paid family health care and a very generous profit-sharing program. The human capital in the Little Rock area continues to be a huge advantage for our organization and it is a key contributor to our 25 years of growth. Little Rock has been good to us and it is nice to be able to continue to aggressively hire in the Little Rock market. Priority1 has far exceeded its commitments made last year to the AEDC, Chamber, and Mayor Scott.  To expound on that, we plan to add close to 100 employees in Little Rock and we will close to double our workforce nationwide in 2020.” — Dan Berardi, Chief Executive Officer of Priority1.

Priority1 was founded in 1995, and has morphed into a technology-enabled third-party logistics company deploying cutting edge automation.  Partnered with thousands of national and regional carriers, they offer full multi-modal transportation services, making Priority1 a true one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs. With their continuous technological advancements and core values, their mission is to become an innovator and continue to be a leader in the technology and logistics space. They are dedicated to establishing lifelong partnerships with customers, vendors, freight agents, and employees through their people, technology, expertise, and most importantly, their values. Their success is measured by how well they simplify your logistics needs.

By: Alexis Neuendorff, Business Developement

Five New Services to Better Serve Your Logistics Needs

In an industry that is always changing and evolving, Priority1 must also change and evolve. Priority1 is ecstatic to share that they now offer many additional services catering to our number one fans, our customers. In the last 24 months, we’ve added five new services and developed respective support teams to ensure our customers’ freight makes it to its end destination without a hitch. Priority1 broke ground in 1995 with your basic less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload (TL) services. Teaming with MercuryGate, we created a one of a kind third-party logistics brokerage. We continue to climb the logistics ladder and now proudly offer expedited, dry van, flatbed, temperature-controlled, and carrier sales services.

“When your Priority is temp-controlled, we know how to keep it cold” — Calvin Jones, Manager of Temperature Controlled Operations. No one likes spoiled milk, especially Calvin! Our fully loaded temperature-controlled services are equipped with downloadable trailers and live temperature monitoring with compatible TempTale® Data Monitoring service, temps going as low as -20 degrees. We have the ability to access and integrate into our customer’s supply chain and monitor the temperature with those devices. Talk about a deep freeze!

Moving freight isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it’s a multi-modal project. Our dry van team is equipped to handle all the needs of our customers. From partials and full loads to hazmat and inter-modal, we can move it! We even have a group of specialists that can assist with trade shows, tanker endorsement, and additional specialized truckload services as well.

Given the years of experience the flatbed department at Priority1 has, and the relationships our department members have cultivated over the years with some of the largest asset-based, over-dimensional flatbed companies in the United States, we have access to top-notch equipment for freight of all sizes. We are able to provide unparalleled service to customers regardless of the size of the product being moved and we will utilize whatever equipment is necessary to ensure the load is handled with care. No load is ever to heavy or too big for us.

“Every day is different when it comes to expediting with high-pressure shipments…Priority1’s expedited team thrives on it and enjoys the constant communication with the customer on the time-sensitive freight.” — Jimmy Andersen, Manager of Expedited Operations. Jimmy has been an expedited rock star since we brought him to Priority1 and we couldn’t be happier with what he’s been able to create for our customers. Our expedited services include sprinter vans, hotshots, straight trucks, cargo vans, and even air freight. When it needs to get somewhere, we will make sure it gets there! Our team also is equipped with spot market pricing, cost-effective equipment, real-time communication & coverage, GPS tracking and 24/7/365 support.

Our carrier sales team works diligently to ensure we are always getting the best pricing for our customers. The team sources carriers for all full and partial loads that come through the corporate office. The vast amount of carrier relationships we have enables us to buy aggressively, many times below market value. They also track loads throughout the life-cycle of the shipment.

When we say we are truly a one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs, we mean it. With the growth and evolution of the industry, Priority1 has also grown and evolved to make sure all our customers’ needs are being met to a T. With all the new services we offer, and the support to back them, we truly are listening to our customers and giving them what they need to successfully move their freight. “I am proud of the team we have put together at Priority1.  Over the past few years, we have added to our core competencies so we can confidently say that we have the most robust and customer-centric truckload offering in the industry.  By leveraging our strong reputation in the dry van space, we have expanded it to expedited, flatbed, and temperature-controlled freight over the past 24 months providing our customers best in class support across all modes and making us a true one-stop-shop.” — Chris Olsen, Vice President of Truckload.

By: Alexis Neuendorff, Business Developement