Priority1’s Enterprise Program

Enterprise/Customer Specific Pricing can be one of the best tools to create a perfect partnership between Priority1, our carrier partners, and most importantly our customer.

The Enterprise process is generally easier to carry out in the winter months. I can’t help but think about pruning the trees in winter when it comes to working on a customer specific opportunity. (To be honest, my wife reminded me by leaving the clippers out in the garage). None the less, the Enterprise/customer specific process reminds me of the work that can be accomplished in the winter season. Pruning helps strengthen the roots, therefore, giving the tree an opportunity to grow to new heights. Enterprise pricing can help a company build a foundation to grow their business more efficiently.

In a recent blog article, I mentioned that data is one of the most components to start the process from our perspective. From the customer’s perspective, gathering the necessary data is next to impossible when they are in the middle of peak season. The winter months can be a perfect time to gather this data. Implementation, especially if there are changes to current processes, can also be easier when things slow down.

If you and your customer have discussed tweaking out their LTL pricing consider taking the winter months to vet out their current processes and see if Priority1’s Enterprise program is the right program to trim the cost by streamlining their pricing structure.

Will Sison, Director of Pricing